Our job is to show you how to maximize your reimbursement and decrease overhead. If your practice has rendered a covered service in accordance with plan rules, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be reimbursed! We aggressively seek payment from insurance carriers, and our collection is second to none!

Pay Nothing To Get Started!


bullet 24 hours a day 7 days per week Internet access to your practice data
bullet 24 hours a day 7 days per week Internet access to practice schedule
bullet If information is missing which delays the processing of the claim, your front office will be  notified immediately so that the claim is not overlooked and can move forward in the processing cycle
bullet Our online scheduler is an integral part of our smart-claim tracking software, which ensures that every patient seen is accounted and paid for.
bullet Training of your staff on practice data and scheduling software to ensure that you obtain the maximum reimbursement as well as improve staff efficiency and productivity
bullet Statistical Reporting
bullet Collection policies and procedures
bullet Medical coding training and updates
bullet Submission of correct and effective insurance claims
bullet Insurance carrier contract negotiations
bullet Maintaining HIPAA compliance billing procedures
bullet Review and update of fee schedules
bullet Credentialing
bullet Documentation audits

    Mid Michigan Medical Billing Service, Inc. provides and maintains a secure VPN network. Mid Michigan Medical Billing is also available to assist clients with other computer and internal network needs at a low rate.

bullet You pay only when we get you paid
bullet No start up costs
bullet No software to buy
bullet Free database and practice set-up
bullet Free secure server access financial software
bullet Free server access patient scheduling program

     Mid Michigan Medical Billing Service, Inc. charges a percentage of the amount collected through insurance and patient payment posted as a result of billing activity for full-service medical filing and billing service of all billing services.

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